Tuesday, August 27, 2013

sweet and slow summer moments.

it feels like life has been going at warp speed. there's always somewhere to be, something to do, something to fix (yep - we knew that would happen buying a fixer upper)...so i've been loving the slowed down sweet moments that life with a little man brings. 

my phone broke yesterday, just decided to stop getting service. in order to figure out how to get a replacement from apple, i needed to be at my dad's house to use the land line (side note - i guess i see the need for a land line now??). after figuring out the phone business, we went outside to pick some raspberries. j loves eating any type of berry. if he could live on them alone, he would. it made my heart happy seeing his little hands pick the raspberries and immediately shove them in his mouth. there was no putting in the bucket. if it were up to him, there'd be no raspberries for his daddy...i managed to save a few, though.