Tuesday, March 26, 2013

jacob jay: nine months.

this little man is nine months old today. still trying to wrap my head around that one. it is such a joy to be his mama, and i know ry feels the same way about being his daddy.

some highlights:

- clapping!!!!!! this might be my favorite thing that jacob does (okay, you're right, i can't pick one favorite thing that he does). it's so cute.

- beans and j are friends! okay, well, friends might be pushing it. what i mean by this is that jacob loves to chase beans around. i think beans secretly likes it. if j is playing in the morning, beans loves to go and plop himself next to j with a toy. it's sort of precious. i know one day they will be besties. this video is jacob sneak attacking beans - just watch how patient beans is. he lets him touch his feet...and he doesn't even let us do that!

- up until this month, j was taking a third 15-20 minute afternoon nap. we kicked that quickly. now he typically takes a morning nap and and afternoon nap. each nap is 1 to 1.5 hours.

- let the finger food fun begin! we are starting to get the hang of them. i must say, cheerios are a life saver - they keep the little man occupied for quite some time while we eat our dinner and he's finished his. 

- horrrendous sleep patterns. he has no rhyme or reason to his nighttime sleep patterns. sometimes he wakes up and just needs a snuggle back to sleep. other times he screams and screams and screams until i feed him. it just confuses me to no end. 

- snuggles. snuggles. snuggles. jacob has been doing this weird thing where he wakes up half an hour after being put down. we try to let him settle himself down, but he never does. so we snuggle him. it's the only way to get him to go back to sleep. i won't lie, we don't mind snuggling him.

- he has mastered standing up and lowering himself back down. his favorite activity is to hold onto the coffee table and stand up and kneel down - over and over and over and over....

- and this picture kills me. pretty typical occurrence in our house. beans just sitting watching while we play with j. don't feel bad for him. he gets plenty of loving. also - beans' mustache in this picture loooooooks fabulous. and then i see j's face and it seals the deal. i. love. it. i just love my boys.

i must say, i have thoroughly enjoyed this past month with j. his personality is really coming through. our little man really is an independent kiddo. he is so content sitting and playing by himself...as long as we are there watching him. he loves moving from his basketball hoop, to his exersaucer, to his toy box. as long as he's allowed to be on the move, he's a happy guy. the other thing we have seen is his tender heart. j is not really a crier at all - not much phases him (unless he's put down on the changing table for a new diaper). two times this month he FREAKED out. the first: a dog was jumping at beanies. the second: a dog was crawling on my lap and being a little crazy. he was not a fan of beans being ganged up on, or me being ganged up on. both instances the dogs weren't loud at all...they just were coming after his doggie and his mama. i think he is going to have a tender heart just like his daddy. we pray that that little heart loves the Lord and that his life is lived for His glory. we just love this child so much and we are so thankful every day that the Lord has blessed us with him.