Monday, July 15, 2013

to the north shore.

over the fourth we were able to head to the north shore for a visit. we still very much think of the north shore as our home. it's where we met, dated, got engaged and lived the first couple years of our marriage. we have so many good memories there ... and there really is NOTHING like the fourth in Massachusetts. it's my favorite!

my genius husband decided it'd be a fun idea to drive to boston wednesday night, the third, and stay in a hotel so we could explore boston with j for the first time before heading to the north shore. i hopped on priceline wednesday morning and got us a great deal at the intercontinental on the harbor. it was pretty sweet.

we woke up the next morning and walked all around where ry and i used to love walking. along the commons and into the garden. we obviously had to say hi to mrs. mallard and the ducklings:

then we said hi to the other ducklings and the swan boats:


after wandering a bit, we stopped by the museum of science with our friend orlandito! we were a little tired by then and there was a lot of reading to be done there, so we didn't stay long. it was great to see orlandito, though! 

and was off to the north shore! YAY!!!!!!! i do love it there. we stayed with some of our favorite people in the entire world and spent a lot of quality time with them. we were able to watch the fourth of july parade and see the biggest bon fire i've EVER seen!!! here's the view during the parade...not too bad, i'd say:

family photo...he doesn't love the camera...

check out this bon fire!

other highlights from the weekend included j's first time in the ocean and at the beach, a kayak for me and ry while our friends hung out with j on the beach (what a treat!), captain dusty's and a drive along the shore, a visit to gordon to see some favorites, breakfast at sugar mags with some other favorites, and a lot of time just relaxing. we intentionally didn't overbook ourselves since we tend to find ourselves exhausted by the end of our massachusetts trips. 

here's some pictures of the highlights:

first time in the water!


into the ocean!

purple cow from dusty's - my fav!

singing beach!

my favorites!

it was such a joy to see our friends interact with j. despite him being way off his schedule all weekend, he was as smiley as ever. i think it's safe to say that we had a great time and we miss being there already!