Sunday, September 13, 2009

it's official: we're foodies.

i suppose you might have gathered from our previous posts that we like food. a lot. and we didn't think we were THAT much a fan of food until the other night...

so it was Friday and we decided that we would go out since we received a couple of restaurant gift certificates for wedding gifts. note to self: gift certificates that facilitate dates for poor newlyweds is an extremely GOOD idea.

anyways we came home from work and got all dressed up and went out for our first date since the wedding. it was our two month anniversary, why not celebrate?

anyways, we went out to the grapevine in salem. it was lovely just having the opportunity to go out and not have to cook for ourselves, even though we absolutely love to cook. now we had eaten at the grapevine twice before...once we loved it. the other was alright. we decided this would be our make or break time.

so we're sitting there. i ordered a glass of wine, which was delicious, as well as a salad with goat cheese and ry ordered the fish chowder. i'm obsessed with goat cheese so i loved my salad, and ryan's chowder was alright.

then the main course came. as well as the realization that we're foodies. you see, we picked up on the slightest things that normal people wouldn't notice or even bother to comment mmm could have used a little less salt to accomodate for the saltiness of the proscuitto paired with my pork tenderloin. and hmm, should have reduced the pinot noir sauce just a little bit longer for the filet ryan ordered. WHOOPS! who goes on a date and sits and critiques the good points and bad points of the food?! we quickly realized what we were doing and tried to stop...but we just couldn't! it was quite funny by the end of the night. was so so so wonderful just to be able to go out for a night and just enjoy each other without a to-do list and to not have to pay for dinner...we were very thankful. maybe next time we'll leave our foodie brains at home...


  1. so glad you brought the right kind of man into the Lembo family. Anyone that loves food like that will certainly always be welcome at our table!

  2. I knew you two would be foodies! You were foodies even before you were married. I'm very glad you are foodies. Eating is enjoyable as it is a necessity of life, but as a foody, it's 1 million times better.