Sunday, November 22, 2009

a new job.

Whoops...haven't updated this thing in a while. Sorry about that. Anyways........

I started a new job two weeks ago! I am working for a company called Vin Fen. You can check it out at They are one of Massachusetts largest human services organizations. My current position is the Program Assistant for a program called PACT. PACT works with people with severe mental illness and really works to integrate them back into the community. I am so so so excited to be in an organization that is going to allow me to grow and learn as a social worker. The goal is to gain experience with this population so I can move into a more case manager type position.

The funny part about my new job is that we've been functioning without an office for the last two weeks. We should be able to get in there and start setting up this week, but we shall see. So since we haven't been in the office the three of us from my office that have started (we are starting a new branch of PACT) have been in a different PACT office. This has been great in the sense that I can observe and learn without being thrown in right away. It also has allowed me to be able to talk to a lot of the different clinicians and social workers and just really get some hands on experience. Talk about an unexpected blessing!

So anyways - that's the new job. I haven't really described it well because we really haven't gotten our office off the ground yet...but we'll get there! It's so exciting to be able to be at the start of something!

All right...I should get back to my husband...he's been sick all week! We're hoping his fever calms down and he's off to the doctor's tomorrow. Please keep him in your prayers...he certainly is sick of being sick.

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