Sunday, May 1, 2011


Here's a look at Beans' first year...

This is the picture that won our hearts...what a precious pup:

This was the day we picked him up in NY and brought him back to my dad's:

We quickly taught him the family sport:

He started to grow up quick...notice how his face is starting to lighten:

He will never outgrow being carried around like this:

This is right after his first haircut...not much brown left:

What a good little snuggler we turned him into:

Beans first trip to VT:

He LOVES his red frisbee:

First time in the snow for Christmas in VT:

Beans learned to LOVE the water and the playing with his friends at the beach:

We thought about not letting him on the bed. He's too cute, he gets to go everywhere in the house, especially wherever he can best snuggle:

He LOVES playing fetch out in the back yard:

And this is mister today, super excited for his new birthday toy!!

We love this "little" guy to pieces - can ya tell!?

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  1. WE love Beans~! So glad he came to our family. Love UM, AC, B and Cousin. Oh, Leilu loves him too, she just doesn't know it.