Thursday, May 24, 2012

a quick roc trip at 35 weeks of jacob jay

mother's Day weekend our presence was requested in Rochester so that Jacob Jay could be celebrated with a baby shower. We hopped in the car midday on Friday and arrived in Rochester around 7:30 that night. It's normally a quicker drive, but not with a pregnant bladder. it was a fantastic weekend, a bit too short for my liking, but fantastic none the less. some highlights:

+below you will find evidence that my brother does not dislike our dog. he pretends that he thinks beans is not cute, however, what is the first thing ricky did when beans came in the house? oh yes, take him outside to play ball. imagine that! (sorry, ricky, but we know you really love beans!)

+i reminded my father on our drive that pregnant women are often hungry. lucky for me he indulged my cravings and ordered a plethora of pizza and wings from mark's pizza for when we got home. mmm buffalo chicken pizza...the best ever!!

+saturday morning tradition in my father's house for him and pat-ricia is a trip to wegmans for breakfast pastries. obviously a trip home is not complete without wegmans, so we tagged along. oh so happy :)

+ we were lucky enough to actually hit rochester during the lilac festival this year! usually this doesn't happen as our trip is usually around memorial day. so saturday morning we set out to see and smell the lilacs, as they are one of my favorite flowers and scents in the world. MAJOR BUST. due to the unseasonably early warm weather, the lilacs were past their prime. i pretended that there were many, but the picture you see below is about the only one we saw!

+ my step mom, pat-ricia (aka gramma), threw a WONDERFUL shower with the help of my fabulous AC (aunt cyndi, soon to be the great AC). It was fun and jacob jay surely is going to be one loved little man. we played a couple games, created a book for jacob and opened way too many generous gifts! unfortunately, i was not taking pictures during the shower and i forgot to steal all of pat-ricia's pictures before we left roc. bummer! here are some from after the shower:

((me and my love))

((blue flowers for a baby boy...and our wedding flowers, too! perfect!))

 ((the fabulous white chocolate raspberry cake my father made for me and the rest of the shower guests))

((and 35 weeks of jacob jay dumas!!))

+after the shower was the after party that most of the shower guests stayed for! we let the men come and my daddy made me lasagna (well, he made it for everyone, but we all know that daddy loves his daughter so i got the lasagna i'd been craving for MONTHS!). mmmm was it ever delicious, complete with an abundance of wegmans italian bread. jacob jay was well fed, that's for sure! it was a wonderful, wonderful day full of tasty treats, great company and side splitting laughter (yes, a party is not complete without my uncle marty cracking jokes. everyone needs one of them...but you can't have mine!). doesn't this lasagna look DELISH?!

+so that was that. a fabulous weekend, indeed. we always enjoy our time in rochester and are always sad to leave it behind. hopefully we'll be able to get back there soon since jacob jay needs to meet all the wonderful friends and family we have there!


  1. We all know that my father loves his son best... and yes i like beans as a dog, just not the type of dog he is

    It was nice to have you home, look forward to the next time we meet.

  2. I just want to say, it's really mean to post all those tasty looking things. My computer screen does not taste good.
    Kaitlin Finn

  3. Look at your cute little pregnant self!! ADORABLE!!