Saturday, November 3, 2012

jacob jay: four months.

baby boy is four months old (plus one week...i'm slow on the blogging). he gets more and more fun every month.

some highlights include:

- "talking" non-stop for mommy and daddy. he seems a little more shy around others, but he'll talk a little for a few people. we get to enjoy the 15 minute long conversations, though!

- roll over, big boy. jbaby has mastered the art of rolling over. in fact, when we put him in his crib, if i check on him one minute later, he's on his belly. yes, he's a belly sleeper. there's no stopping it. he's just like his daddy.

- oh. the. smiles. they get better each month.

- grabbing at everything. pulling my hair. i've completely stopped wearing my hair down. it's just not worth it to have it pulled every time i pick up my little man.

- the highchair. phew. thank you high chair for allowing us to eat a meal while j plays contentedly in high chair with his train!

- he moved from vermont to new york. that was pretty exciting for him. he has done pretty well, though we had to relearn sleeping through the night for some reason. silly boy wasn't used to sleeping in his new room all by himself!

- we have a great schedule. he wakes up, eats, plays, sleeps 1.5 hours and repeats the cycle until bed time between 7 and 8. sometimes bed time is a battle, but we're getting there. usually we get him to fall asleep and then the noisy neighbors upstairs wake him up, so i think we're going to be getting a white noise maker.

on being parents:

my oh my do we love our little man. LOVE HIM. it was quite a challenge, though, moving with a 3 and a half month old. i'm not quite sure what we were thinking. we are so glad we have our own place to call home with him now, though. oh and with the move i resigned from gordon. i am working part time while they hire/train someone and then i get to be a full time stay at home mama. this makes my heart so happy. working full time hours and full time mama was becoming quite taxing as his awake time lengthened. we are falling into routine with the drop in my working hours and ry has started at his new job. it's nice to have routine back and we feel great about feeling a bit more stable for j. oh and did i mention...we love this little boy? what a gift from the Lord he is to us. we are so thankful.


  1. Loved the pictures and update!! He is so handsome!!! Glad you guys are settling in and finding your place. I am so thrilled you get to do what you love 100% of the day :0) Enjoy every giggle and smile :0) Aren't they precious???

  2. I'm so excited that you get to be a stay at home Mama now. Welcome to the club - it's a pretty awesome one! :) And your photos are precious - he really, seriously is an adorable baby!