Wednesday, December 26, 2012

jacob jay: six months

it has been a half of a year since we welcomed our jbaby into this world - and what a crazy six months it has been.

highlights this month include:

+ mastering the art of sucking on his toe. verrrrrry talented i tell you.

+ sitting on his own

+ giggles galore

+ first solid food - homemade rice cereal - the goal is to make all of j's baby food. so much fun! next up is banana or sweet potato.

+ first christmas

((peering into the new toy box daddy made him for christmas!))

we are enjoying j more and more every day. he is becoming such an explorer. he loves being on the floor and using his arms to swivel around so that he can get to different things around him. my guess is that he will be crawling any day now. he is constantly covered in drool, but still has yet to cut any teeth. he looks like such a little boy to me with every passing day. i want to slow down time, but it is so fun to watch him change and learn new things. he is fascinated by his daddy. when ryan walks in the room, j lights up and flails his arms. watching the two of them play together makes my heart happy. this baby boy has brought so much joy into our lives and we are so thankful for the blessing that he is.

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