Wednesday, February 9, 2011

a paper chain, beans the mechanic, goalkeepers and a stroll on the beach.

february 3 (take 2): So I had the 3rd off and one of the things that I did was to make Ryan his week three tax season present. I usually do something on Saturday's, but because of the Superbowl party prep, I had to do something I made a paper chain to count down to the end of tax season!! Then it had 72 rings...but it's slowly working it's way down :)

february 4: I took Friday off so that I could pick up our NEW TABLE (which I should have taken a picture of as this day)...but I couldn't resist this! Ry had to fix something on his car that broke when we hit a racoon in VT in November. Beans thought he'd help:

february 5: GOALIE MOVIE MORNING!!! I had the privilege of coaching the goalkeepers with erin this past fall. One of the things we always talked about was having a goalie movie morning...and we FINALLY did it!! We made pancakes, bacon and eggs and then we watched was supposed to be mighty ducks, but disney won out! It was a fabulous morning :)

february 6: It was a GORGEOUS day on Sunday - warm and not too windy - so we took FULL advantage! We made plans with our friends Lauren and Michael, who were dog sitting two dogs, to meet up at Singing Beach for a stroll. We LOVE bringing beans to the beach - it's AMAZING exercise for him and he gets to socialize with other dogs. We feel like such good parents...a walk on the leash just doesn't cut it for this crazy puppy...he needs to sprint up and down the beach. Anyways - we had to take advantage and take a new family pic and it came out GREAT!

I'm totally slacking on this week's pictures...back to watching live to dance...there's some crazy talented 11 and 12 year olds on the stage!

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