Friday, February 4, 2011

no more snow, please.

i think i'm missing a picture from the 31st - Ry had a headache all day that day, so he slept while I read and ventured off to our friends for a little bit of game night (without the camera). Sorry about that.

February 1 - February 1 came with warnings of another major storm! Can you believe it, it's storm number 19385473921, i swear!!! Anyways, I came home to let beans out at lunch time and came home to a giant tractor removing snow from the driveway to accommodate the 21 inches they were predicting for Tuesday and Wednesday. Beans noticed the tractor out there and started barking like a maniac and wagging his tail furiously while watching out the window:

February 2 - One of the best things about working in education is that we have to keep the students safe. This often works out in our favor, especially this winter, because if it's bad outside we can't let the students be driving around, right?! So soon after we all arrived at work on Tuesday the snow started coming and coming fast. Around 10 we heard a rumor from somewhere over near the president's office that they'd be making a call soon. At 11:30 the text below came (which, may I add, happened ONCE in my 4.5 years as a student...we've had these texts five times this winter!!):

February 3: The grinder is here! The grinder is here!! So Ryan has a little bit of a coffee thing. He loves it. He got that fancy pants coffee siphon last year and has been using a little $10 grinder for the past three years. Not okay for someone who loves a good cup of coffee. So for week #1 of tax season, I bought him a new grinder! It's pretty's a conical burr grinder...apparently those things provide a super even grind. I must say, there is a marked difference in the taste of the coffee!

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