Tuesday, March 22, 2011

march 19: We decided it'd be great to make a pot of sauce this weekend and since we are on a bit of a saving kick (thank you grad school), we had to find a recipe that didn't use meat in it (please don't disown me, Lembo family). I found a recipe on foodnetwork. Ry also suggested I make meatballs so we could double up...spaghetti and meatballs one night, meatball subs another. I swear my husband is just a genius sometimes. I really don't know what I'd do without him. Because we had some turkey in the feezer, we decided on these turkey meatballs. They were delish...and the sauce is okay. It's no daddy lembo sauce, but I'll never achieve such greatness. Anyways here's the end product:

march 20: So every Saturday during tax season I've been trying to get Ry a little present. The season is long and tires him out, so I figure a little fun every week will help get him through. I've gotten things like coffee gift certificates, baked cookies, written love notes...blah blah blah. This week, though, I was really excited. Ry has wanted a mini basketball hoop for a long time and he just won't buy it for himself, so I finally had to. He LOVES it and plays against Beans every night. He always wins, but I think he has a slight advantage over our lovable pup. And, really, what makes a bedroom more romantic than a mini hoop??

march 21: whoops! completely spaced out on taking a picture this day and I even had something to take! I was home at lunch time when the UPS man was greeted by Beans barking like a wild animal. He threw a package on the porch, yelling, "UPS!", and ran away quickly. I don't blame him. I scooped it up and quickly opened it. What a fun surprise - a picnic in a backpack courtesy of my mom with a note saying, "thought this would be fun for after tax season!" We can't wait to use it. This isn't the exact one, but it's something similar:

march 22: We in the Dumas household are absolutely loving this whole being light outside at six pm when we get home from work thing. It means more time in the yard with our handsome pup. We took him out tonight to throw the frisbee around...Ry wanted me to include two pics. One that we think he looks adorable in, and the other that makes me pee my pants laughing.

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