Sunday, April 7, 2013

day 6 and day 7: the ceiling and spackle

ah - finally a day off for ry! i guess we can't call it a day off since he spent the whole day working at the house. good thing working on our house is one million times better than doing taxes. poor guy is exhausted. however, with him being off, we were able to make some serious progress today. the goal was to get the whole downstairs prepped for painting and we almost accomplished that goal. all that is left is spackling the kitchen/hallway, which don't have many holes. we were able to get all the downstairs walls and ceilings cleaned with the help of my dad. ry also went through and removed all the outlet covers and heat grates (this almost made us vom---so much dirt/nasty behind those) and he was able to spackle holes in the dining room and living room.

i've started referring to him as mr. foreman. here he is spackling away:

and here's mr. foreman fixing the door knob. the front door doesn't have standard sized knobs for some reason, so we held off replacing it until today so there was daylight and so lowes was open in case we needed anything. ry had to chisel out a spot for the strike since the old door didn't have one. the door works okay, but we think we will replace it.

and here is the absolute most disgusting thing i've ever done. it's hard to see how gross this ceiling is in the picture, but that discoloration is layers of tar and nicotine. the dark speckles are drips of that. it makes me shudder to think about it, and i definitely was not excited to tackle the job. 

luckily, my stepmom had a genius idea. she has a steam mop and she suggested giving that a try to loosen up the stains. genius i tell you. my father and i worked out a system where he went through little areas with the mop and i followed with paper towels on the swiffer mopping up behind him. 

it took two hours to go through the whole room twice to get it cleaned...but it is shocking to see what it looks like now:

and finally, i left ry at the house to go back and feed jacob. right before he was finishing up to head home for dinner, he sent me this text:

 don't worry, he's still alive. no electrocutions here. phew. tomorrow we wipe down all the spackle spots and start with the BIN!! oh - another highlight today - we met the nieghbors. they are super nice and have two dogs, one of which is a goldendoodle. beans was at the house with us and spent an hour or so next door playing with tess the goldendoodle. i think he's going to like living at his new home.

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