Saturday, April 27, 2013

jacob jay: ten months

jacob turned ten months old yesterday. ryan told him he was 5/6 of a year old and that in one more sixth, he would be a year old. CRAZY. and this past month has been crazy for the little man. we moved out of our apartment and into my parents house temporarily. it's a full house - my dad and step mom, my step brother and his wife, and the three of us. oh and my brother came home for the summer a week ago - FULL HOUSE. lots of loving on j has happened, so that is nice, but we are VERY excited to be in our own space and being settled for our little man. 

some things over the past month:

+stranger anxiety. this is really kicking in. he has a hard time going to people he doesn't know and if he loses sight of me or ry he starts crying. oh man, he's cute when he cries (okay, fine, i think everything he does is cute). the little lower lip starts trembling and then he goes off - poor bugger. 

+visits from the vt grandparents and the md grandparents. he was spoiled with love both times.

+BOOKS!!!!!!!! this is my favorite thing this past month by far. j has finally started showing an interest in his books. he's been choosing to kneel and look at his books and turn the pages instead of playing with toys a lot of the time.

+it's warm! we let him play in the grass and he LOVES it!

+they look like they're friends here, but really beans is often scurrying away from j. every morning j chases beans around in circles. it's very funny.

+WE HAVE DADDY BACK!!!!!!!!!!! TAX SEASON IS OVER!!!!!!! they love each other. makes my heart happy.

we just love this kiddo. to pieces. he's just such a happy kiddo loving life. what a blessing he is.

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