Friday, April 5, 2013

day three (wednesday): walls, curtains and more darn carpet tack.

wednesday i went over to the house during the afternoon while gramma was on j duty. the time warner people were supposed to meet me at the house...but that didn't happen - i missed them by five minutes. apparently they aren't supposed to wait, even though i asked them to call first. anyways - i stayed for two hours to start cleaning the kitchen:

see the corner in the picture - that is years of filth (dirt, nicotine, tar). DISGUSTING. here's one happens with one sweep of a cleaner:

i headed home for dinner and ry and i returned to work on more of those darn carpet tack strips: 

also - see those beautiful curtains in that picture above?? yep - gone:

and yes, the window is held up by a broken lacrosse stick. we are going to replace both of those windows and the trim.

and here's the dining room with curtains:

and without curtains:

we also started cleaning the living room walls, which are absolutely disgusting. that was the previous owners smoking room. the walls are covered in filth. we're hoping to finish cleaning at least the downstairs by saturday night so that we can start priming the walls. we'll be using a shellac based primer that is supposed to cover all of the stains/absorb all of the odors.

lots and lots of sweat equity going into this house. the goal is to get it primed/painted by april 20th. then we can move in since all the grossness will be gone. the kitchen will eventually need to be redone, along with the bathroom...but those are projects for down the road. we'll be painting the trim on the outside of the house after we move in, too. lots to do, lots to's a good thing my husband likes a good project to be working on, because this is quite a project!

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  1. It will be so worth it when it is all done. Especially when you can sit back with your feet up and know that the two of you did it together. Wishing you all the best of luck and lots of prayers. xxoo