Monday, January 17, 2011

a pats party and a cup of joe.

january 16: It was finally here. The big game. Patriots vs. Jets. And the Patriots were supposed to win and advance. Of course it wouldn't be easy, play-offs never are, but they're the Patriots for goodness sake. So to celebrate, we had a few friends over for a little gather with food and fun and watching the Patriots. Well, everything certainly did not go as planned. In fact the Patriots self-destructed and BLEW it. Ugh. To the Jets. The most classless team in all of the NFL. The picture of Rex Ryan giggling after the botched fake punt with forever be etched in my mind. I can't wait til next year. least we had some good food. We provided some snacks and the others provided some as well. Two of the most delicious things we made were skewered chipotle meatballs and a maple layer cake made with real vermont maple syrup. Here are the recipes:

And here's a pic of the cake (I would have posted pictures of us celebrating the patriots win...however, we were all too dejected to take a group pic:

january 17: a day off. well kind of. I had to go into the office for about two hours, but besides that, I had the day off. I got to go to the gym and then come back and cleaned up the piles of dishes from yesterday's extravaganza. Then I started to not feel so hot so I took a bit of a nap and I woke up with a headache still. I could NOT figure it out. And then it dawned on me...I hadn't had my daily dose of caffeine! Ahh...Sweet relief:

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